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Online library catalogs, library search, and other library services.

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Online Catalogs
P  Ocean State Libraries

Public libaries; formerly CLAN; Ocean State Libraries
P  RI Historical Society Online Catalog (NETOP)
P  RICAT, Library Network for Kids (RILINK)
School libraries
P  RISD/Athenaeum Online Catalog
S  Talking Books Plus Online Catalog [ADMIN]
A public library collection for blind, visually impaired and physically-impaired individuals.

Search for Libraries
S  Search for a Library of Rhode Island Network library
S  State Document Depository Libraries in RI

State Libraries & Services
Q  AskRI.org, RIs Statewide Reference Resource Center
S  Library Board of Rhode Island
S  Library Directories and Information
S  Office of Library & Information Services
P  Rhode Island Historical Society Research Library
S  State Law Library [COURTS]
S  State Library and State Publications Clearinghouse [STATE]
S  Talking Books Plus [ADMIN]

Rhode Island Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Free library services for visually impaired, blind, physically impaired and print impaired individuals. Service upon completion and approval of application. Part of the National Library Service (Library of Congress) and OLIS.

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